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Madonna Gives Confusing Obama Endorsement

Madonna‘s made her allegiance to President Obama‘s re-election campaign well-known – recall the tattoo she showed off not long ago – and so it’s not surprising that she rallied attendees at her MDNA concert stop in Washington, D.C., on Monday to vote for him.

The surprising part is the way she did it. In a video clip – which uses strong language, so be forewarned – Madonna’s talk touched on history and civil rights, and she told her fans, “Y’all better vote for f*****g Obama, OK? For better or for worse, alright, we have a black Muslim in the White House.”

“Now that is some s***,” she continued. “That means there is hope in this country. And Obama is fighting for gay rights, so support the man, g******it.”

A rousing endorsement, for sure, but, as The Atlantic noted, a little on the odd side considering that it’s hard to tell whether Madonna is being serious, confused, or sarcastic with her “black Muslim” comment.


Madonna On M.I.A. Bird Flip: It Was Out Of Place

Madge stayed mum when her co-performer, M.I.A., flipped off America during the Super Bowl, but the singer is now speaking out.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show Friday, Madonna said she honestly had no idea M.I.A. had even done it.

“I was really surprised,” Madonna tells Seacrest. “I didn’t know anything about it.”

And when she learned of M.I.A.’s middle finger brouhaha, she says she “wasn’t happy about it.”

“I understand it’s punk rock and everything, but to me there was such a feeling of love and good energy, and positivity, it seemed negative,” the performer said. “It’s such a teenager, irrelevant thing to do. There was such a feeling of love and unity there, what was the point? It was just out of place.”

A source close to M.I.A. said the artist didn’t do the action intentionally, saying she was “nervous and not thinking,” and that “adrenaline took over.”

“It wasn’t meant as a gesture or statement of any kind,” the source continued. “She feels horrible for putting Madonna in that position. She messed up.”

Madonna Announces 2012 World Tour Dates

If you thought Madonna was going to strip off those high-heeled boots and put her feet up after the Super Bowl halftime show, think again. (This is Madonna we’re talking about, after all.)

Instead, the pop star is gearing up for a world tour that will launch in Tel Aviv, Israel, on May 29.

Madge is taking her tour to “arenas, stadiums and special outdoor sights” around the globe, a statement says. She’ll also head back Down Under, where she hasn’t held a concert in 20 years, to wrap the tour up in early 2013.

According to Billboard, the tour should have close to 90 dates, the most she’s ever performed. Her last tour, 2008’s “Sticky & Sweet,” had 85 dates and grossed $408 million, Billboard reports.

The North American portion of her worldwide extravaganza includes 26 cities, with the first tour stop being in Philadelphia on August 28. She’ll perform at New York’s Yankee Stadium on September 6, and hit the West coast with an October 10 performance at the Staples Center in L.A.

The European portion will also have 26 shows, including stops in London, Paris, Milan and Berlin.

Tickets go on sale in Tel Aviv and the U.K. on February 10, with admission to North American tour dates going on sale February 13 via and

Madonna’s latest album, “MDNA,” which features her new single “Give Me All Your Luvin,'”arrives March 26. For the full list of dates, visit

Madonna Talks Super Bowl Nerves

The countdown to Madonna‘s hyped Super Bowl performance is on, and the singer admits that she’s feeling some nerves.

“It’s the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done,” Madge told Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show” Monday. “The Super Bowl is the holy of holies. It’s like the sacred show of America. And I have to go on in the middle of that holy of holies and put on the greatest show that was ever put on before. That’s no pressure.”

On top of not really getting a lot of rehearsal time – “they’re playing football all day so I don’t really have time to do a sound check. It’s a little bit like a circus act: Get in there, roll out my carpet, put on my show and get the eff off,” she joked – there’s also the fact that the Super Bowl halftime isn’t the place to exercise a lot of artistic license.

For one thing, there will be “no nipples” in her show, she assured Leno, referencing Janet Jackson’s infamous wardrobe breakdown. Not that she was going to do that, anyway: “I don’t like to repeat myself…or do what other people have done before me.”

But before her Super Bowl show, the video for Madonna’s new single “Gimme All Your Lovin'” from her upcoming album, “MDNA,” will preview on Thursday’s “American Idol.”

On her cryptic album title, Madonna tells Leno that it’s a “triple entendre,” with one interpretation being an abbreviated way of saying her name, and another standing for “the DNA of M.”

As for the third, “Let me break it down for you,” she said. “You’ve heard of this drug that produces euphoric feelings of love, MDMA?…Just listen to my record.”

My Marriage to Madonna Felt Like a “Soap Opera”

Guy Ritchie and Madonna weren’t exactly on the best terms when their eight-year marriage ended in 2008 — but that’s all water under the bridge now.

“I enjoyed my first marriage. It’s definitely not something I regret. The experience was ultimately very positive,” Ritchie, 43, tells the December/January issue of Details. “I love the kids that came out of it, and I could see no other route to take.”

“But you move on, don’t you?” the Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows director adds. “You’re right, I stepped into a soap opera, and I lived in it for quite a long period of my life. I’ll probably be more eloquent on it 10 years from now.”

Ritchie — who has one biological child with Madonna, son Rocco, 11 — adds that “when you end up with a lot of the things you set out to chase and find that you’ve stumbled into all sorts of hollow victories, then you become deeply philosophical.”

“I’m quite happy that that experience was accelerated for me,” he explains. “I’m glad I made money, in other words. And I’m glad I got married.”

The British filmmaker also welcomed a baby boy with girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley in September 2011, though Ritchie says he’s not big on sharing parenting tips.

“I’m f-cking glad no one gave me too much advice. You’ve got to work it out for yourself,” he tells Details. “And I am anti people putting so much pressure on kids and robbing their childhood by giving them so much homework. I think if kids want to arse around, then they should.”

Kelly Osbourne Sent to Hospital in Miami

Kelly Osbourne is on the mend.

The 27-year-old E! Fashion Police cohost and Dancing With the Stars alum was treated at a Miami hospital this weekend after a scary incident that left her with a head injury.

“Long story short, I cracked my head open then kept passing out,” Osbourne — who was in Miami to attend a model casting call for Madonna‘s Material Girl clothing lineTweeted Sunday. “I have the all clear [and] my mum [Sharon Osbourne] came to get me.”

While details are unclear as to the circumstances of her injury, Osbourne encouraged fans to watch her mom’s daytime series, The Talk, on Monday for the full story.

“I just want to thank all the incredible doctors and nurses at Mercy hospital in Miami for taking such good care of me,” Osbourne Tweeted. “You guys really are amazing!”

Beyonce Covers Up Baby Bump for B-Day Celebration in Venice

First-time mom-to-be Beyonce is still jet-setting — for now.

On Saturday, the day before her 30th birthday, the “Love on Top” singer emerged in Venice, Italy with husband Jay-Z.

Stepping out of their hotel, Beyonce covered up her growing baby bump in a maxi pattern dress as Jay-Z, 41, protectively placed his hand behind her. The duo are in town for the watery, romantic Italian city’s annual film festival — where stars like their close pal Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Matt Damon, Keira Knightley, James Franco, Jessica Chastain, Al Pacino, George Clooney, Salma Hayek and many others are promoting big-time films.

Jay-Z (real name: Shawn Carter) has been the doting dad-to-be ever since the spouses of three years discovered they were expecting. “He was even concerned about her performing in heels,” an insider told reporters of Beyonce, who is about 4 months along, “but the doctor said it would be fine.”

And even before the Grammy winning singer announced her pregnancy to her inner circle — later announcing it before millions at last week’s MTV VMAs — they suspected something was up. “She’s been hungrier for Southern cooking. Voracious!” a source close to her band says. “She always burns it off but hasn’t been particularly worried about being in tip-top shape like she always is. When they told us, we just cried.”

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