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Lindsay Lohan Playboy Cover Leaked Online

Lindsay Lohan‘s Playboy cover was leaked online Wednesday, revealing a shot of the actress channeling a mix of Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit.

The photograph shows Lohan with long blonde tresses cascading down her shoulders while her nude figure straddles a bright red Playboy logo — strategically covering her sensitive areas.

The cover shot, posted on The Insider website, was not set to be revealed until Lohan’s interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” December 15.

In what will be her first television interview since her latest stint in jail for violating her probation — this time for stealing a necklace from a Los Angeles boutique — Lohan, 25, is expected to promote her pictorial in the January/February issue of the men’s magazine in her chat with DeGeneres.

The issue will go on sale in late December.

The “Mean Girls” star initially posed for the racy shots in late October but later had to re-shoot the pictures after Playboy founder Hugh Hefner complained about the photos.

The troubled starlet is rumored to have earned $1 million for stripping down, providing some much-needed cash as her legal woes and struggles with substance abuse have made it difficult for her to book any acting gigs.


LiLo’s Playboy Spread To Be Fully Nude, Classy

We guess if you’re going to pose for Playboy, as Lindsay Lohan will, there’s probably not much point in trying to be demure.

Hugh Hefner tells “The Insider” in an interview scheduled to air on Tuesday that Lindsay Lohan will be featured “fully nude” in Playboy magazine’s January/February issue. It’ll also be “classy, very classy,” the Playboy impresario notes.

The spread, which has long been rumored but was confirmed Monday, will be a “classic tribute inspired by the original Tom Kelly nude pictorial of Marilyn Monroe, a portion of which was the original playmate which was in the original issue of Playboy,” Hef said.

Lohan’s mom Dina has backed up those claims of classiness, also telling “The Insider” in an interview last week that the shots will be tasteful.

“It was an opportunity for [Lindsay]. She’s 25-years-old now, so it was her ultimate decision,” Dina said. “I’ve seen [the photos]…she’s really great in front of the camera.”

Linsay Lohan Poses For Playboy!

Is Lindsay Lohan flashing those newly pearly whites, and possibly a little bit more, at the camera right this second?

The embattled starlet is taking part in a top-secret photo shoot today and tomorrow and E! News is hearing whispers that it’s for a spread in an upcoming issue of Playboy.

Hey, it worked for one of Lohan’s idols, Marilyn Monroe. But would she dare to go all-the-way bare?

Well, that would be something, wouldn’t it?

Lohan was spotted heading into a Beverly Hills mansion, purportedly the scene of the photo shoot, earlier today. And a source tells E! News that it was for a non-nude (sorry, folks!) layout for the January issue.

But at this point, her rep, Steve Honig, isn’t ready to admit that Lohan is playing ball for Playboy —but he’s not denying it either.

“I can neither confirm nor deny at this time,” Honig tells E! News. Lohan herself didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

“We don’t comment on rumors about who may or may not be posing for the magazine…if anything changes, I’ll be sure to let you know,” added a rep for Playboy.

Meanwhile, a source close to Lohan is under the impression that the L.A. County morgue’s most famous volunteer is collecting a pretty fat paycheck for her posing services.

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