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Jessica Biel’s Hot Body Evolution

She may be hesitant to show off her stunning engagement sparkler from Justin Timberlake, but there is one enviable asset Jessica Biel has no trouble flaunting these days: Her totally hot bod!

As the New Year’s Eve actress celebrates her 30th birthday Saturday, Us Weekly rounded up our picks for Biel’s sexiest hot body moments over the years.

Admitting in the past that she has trouble sticking to a proper diet and fitness routine, Biel maintains her shape thanks to high intensity workouts. “I have an amazing trainer, Jason Walsh, who I work with two or three times a week,” the actress has said. “We do lots of circuit and strength training, especially for my legs and my back, because it’s quite weak from years of gymnastics. I concentrate on making everything strong, and you can’t do that with just cardio.”

To see more photo of Jessica Biel, CLICK HERE.


Did Justin Timberlake’s grandma spill engagement news?

Pretty much everyone but Justin Timberlake has said he’s engaged to girlfriend Jessica Biel, with the latest person sharing the news reportedly being his grandmother.

According to Gossip Cop, Timberlake’s grandma, Sadie Bomar, has confirmed that he’s engaged, saying the 30-year-old singer/actor called her on Christmas Day to say as much.

She also reportedly said that she’s “so happy” for her grandson, and that “the family loves Jessie [Biel], she’s a very sweet girl.” Aww!

Timberlake and Biel actually broke up after four years in March of 2011, but by last August were spotted spending time together once again.

A source tells People magazine that Timberlake proposed to Biel with a “custom-designed” ring on the couple’s annual vacation in Montana.

Elton John Wants Justin Timberlake To Play Him In Biopic

There’s a biopic about Elton John in the works, and the musician already knows who he wants to land the lead role: Justin Timberlake.

Elton told the Los Angeles Times that he has a “wish list” of potential stars who could play him, but that the “Cry Me A River” crooner is a favorite.

“No. 1 on my wish list is Justin Timberlake, because he played me before in a David LaChapelle video of ‘Rocket Man‘ and was superb,” the Brit legend tells the L.A. Times.

As for how far along they are with the project’s development, Elton John says an announcement about the film should be made soon.

“We have a director on board, and then it’s just going to be a matter of getting the script exactly the way we want it,” he says. “Lee Hall has written the script – he wrote ‘Billy Elliot’ – and then we’ll start trying to cast and plan.”

So what do you think: Can you see J. Timberlake as Sir Elton?

Justin Timberlake: Marine Ball Was Unforgettable

Justin Timberlake said in July that he would gladly attend the Marine Corps Ball with Corporal Kelsey de Santis if his schedule allowed it, and the 30-year-old actor/singer held true to his word.

On Saturday, the “In Time” star attended the Basic School Instructor Battalion 236th Marine Corps Birthday Ball with Cpl. de Santis in Richmond, Virginia, and he says in a post on his website that it ended up being one of the “most moving” evenings he’s ever had.

“I’ve always been very vocal about my support of our armed forces. I’ve always felt like they offer us the opportunity to live our lives freely without the fear that so many other nations have to endure…And they do it without asking anything in return,” Timberlake writes, adding that he was “stoked” to be in attendance.

The boy band singer-turned-Hollywood-A-lister went on to describe the evening, which began with a few photo ops with other Marines, a little dancing and dinner, as well as a video tribute to what Marines have witnessed on the front lines that Timberlake says almost brought him to tears.

“It was a surreal moment to be in that room with so many of our great Marines who have such a different type of connection to those stories. One[s] that we who don’t serve will NEVER understand,” he writes. “I glanced around the room at young men and women, spouses and soldiers… At kids way beyond their years, really… All so deeply entwined. Not just by battle… but by having such life-changing experiences… and to not ever waver in their love and respect for our homeland.”

Timberlake says he had the opportunity to get to know Cpl. de Santis and her “kick-ass” group of friends, and walked away in awe of their humility and authenticity.

“I felt so proud to be there. I felt like I was getting a chance to be among my heroes. It’s funny too, because a lot of them are SO [much] younger than me,” he goes on. “I have to say I had so much fun with Kelsey and her crew of friends…Classy Marines but, not without a great sense of humor. Real individuals, but not without a sense of community.”

Timberlake closes with a request for his readers, regardless of their views on war, to send notions of gratitude to the armed forces however possible, be it with a letter, an email or picking up the tab on a round at the bar.

“To all of you that serve every day for us… Ensuring our freedom, I say: My deepest gratitude to you. I’ve met so many of my heroes, from Michael Jordan to Michael Jackson. And nothing makes me feel more honor and pride than when I get to meet one of you. Last night changed my life and I will never forget it,” Timberlake says. “Thank you Corporal Kelsey de Santis. Thank you for inviting me. And thank you for being my hero.”

Justin Timberlake: I Stole a Golf Cart With Ryan Gosling!

Who knew Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling used to be partners in crime?

In Time’s Timberlake, 30, recently stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he reminisced about his days on The Mickey Mouse Club with former costar Gosling, 30.

“We used to do terrible things. We thought we were so cool,” Timberlake recalled. “Looking back on them, they weren’t as bad as I thought they were at the time. We stole a golf cart. And we were like, ‘Yeah, man. We’re stealing a golf cart!'”

“We drove into MGM Studios, which is totally illegal by the way,” he added. “I was like, ‘What do you want to do thug? And Ryan was like, ‘I don’t know, cuz…because that’s definitely how we talked.”

All kidding aside, the future A-listers bonded after Timberlake’s mother, Lynn Harless, became Gosling’s legal guardian for six months. “His mother had to keep her job in Canada the second year that we were on the television show,” Timberlake explained. “We were probably a little closer that the rest of the kids that were on the show just because we had to share a bathroom.”

Though Timberlake said it’s been “hard to keep up with” Gosling since their MMC days, he thinks Gosling has become an “unbelievable” leading man. “I think one of the best actors of our generation.”

Timberlake’s apperance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs Thursday.

Scarlett Johansson Feels Violated After Nude Photo Leak

Scarlett Johansson never meant for the world to see her naked.

Two weeks after nude photos of the actress leaked online, the 26-year-old tells CNN that despite her celebrity status, she still deserves a certain level of privacy.

“Just because you’re an actor or make films or whatever doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to your own personal privacy,” she said. “If that is sieged in some way, it feels unjust. It feels wrong.”

The We Bought a Zoo actress — who recently spent time in NYC with pal Justin Timberlake — added that life in the spotlight isn’t always easy.

“It’s an adjustment,” she admitted. “But I think there are certain instances where you give a lot of yourself and finally you have to kind of put your foot down and say, ‘Oh wait, I’m taking it back.'”

Hours after the photos surfaced online September 15, Johansson’s lawyer, Marty Singer, fired off cease and desist letters to numerous websites.

“If you fail to comply, you will be acting at your own peril,” he warned. “Please govern yourselves accordingly.”

Johansson is not the first celebrity at the center of an online photo scandal: Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera had photos stolen and posted online.

Timberlake and Biel Spotted Together Up North

Is it de ja vu all over again for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel?

People reports that the singer/actor who seemingly does it all these days, was spotted biking around Toronto with Biel, his ex of five months.

The pair were reportedly looking pretty chummy as they dined together for breakfast before taking to their two-wheelers for a little jaunt about town.

According to the publication, Biel is in Canada shooting a remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger film ‘Total Recall” with Kate Beckinsale and Colin Farrell.

Clearly there are no hard feelings following the break up of their four-year relationship, but do we think this was just a friendly outing or a sign that Timberlake and Biel are reconciling?

Justin Timberlake May Revive MySpace With Talent Competition

Justin Timberlake‘s longtime manager Johnny Wright has said that the singer is considering a talent contest as one way of reviving MySpace. Timberlake took an ownership stake in the declining social media site after the advertising network Specific Media bought the company for $35 million from News Corp last week.

While Wright did not provide specifics about Timberlake’s plans, he told the Associated Press that the singer is still brainstorming ways of renewing interest in the MySpace brand. “We definitely want to bring the industry back to Myspace to really look at the talented people that have put their faces there,” Wright said. Timberlake and Specific Media have already stated that one of their goals in relaunching MySpace would be to refocus the brand on new and emerging artists.

Timberlake and the new management of MySpace are expected to reveal their plans for the site’s future at a press conference to be held on August 17th.

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