Thank you for visiting our website.

We are Jack and Lara, creator and host of this very first Angeles City Podcast. The best is yet to come so stay tune for more upcoming projects here at Tough Banana Productions!

Jack Stone, but prefer to be called Jack is a professional radio jock and events host based in Angeles City. He has a weekly program at GVFM called “The Ride” where he plays rock music for three hours every Sundays from 7- 10 pm. He had a long running TV Show called “Check It Out!” in one of Tarlac’s best cable company in early 2000, and this exposed him to interview numerous well known showbiz and political personalities and hosted several concerts and events.

He is into photography and sports, and loves travelling. He attributes his attitude and style through his exposure to the music and entertainment scene in the East Coast. He claims to love all types of music genres except Country! (can’t blame him). Jack is an absolute joker and a natural entertainer. He participated in countless theater performances during his much younger years and performed in venues such as Cultural Center of the Philippines, Meralco Theater, Folk Arts Theater, PICC, and other venues around the Philippines.

Lara is simply LARA. She is a native of Angeles City and a certified Familian. She is into a lot of things and love to explore everything worthy of knowledge and experience. Learned creating this website from scratch is one example!

A member of the academic community by profession, an absolute think-tank by nature and Jack’s #1 Fan! She believes nothing can’t be learned and everything can be tried (except drugs, bungee jumping and roller coaster ride!)

Lara lives by her principle that life is what you make it, do only things that you enjoy the most and say no to anything that doesn’t make you feel like it’s a “Hell Yeah” opportunity. You are not judge by how small or big your contribution is in this world, each act is as significant as the others however big or small, because she believes that in the end what matters most is that you at least contributed and made a difference.

Living on to that principle gave birth to creating this unique (still in progress) website, to contribute in our little way to the city that we love the most, Angeles City.

Welcome to Tough Banana Productions – Angeles City!
Jack and Lara


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