‘How I Met Your Mother’: That’s Nice. Now Who’s The Mother?

After watching the season premiere of “How I Met Your Mother” on Monday, I realized that I’ll most likely find the mother of my future children before Ted Mosby does (Vegas actually has me going off at 4-to-2 odds).

Then again, all I have to deal with is fate, chemistry, luck, mathematical probability and guys who have great abs, like Robin’s new boyfriend.

Ted, on the other hand, has to deal with a show that refuses to get to the point.

Monday’s season premiere, “Farhampton,” picked up right where we left off – sort of. At first, everything happened in the future … and then in the past … and then in the future again? Honestly, I don’t know. I get confused watching “Survivor.”

But what I do know is that we were once again given an episode with a lot of interesting plot points that – thanks to “HIMYM” being its own spoiler alert – didn’t go anywhere.

Going through last season’s greatest “possibly-The-Mother” hits of Victoria, The Slutty Pumpkin, Robin and somehow Victoria again was at times as burdensome as actually talking to one’s own mother (just kidding Ma, love you!). I mean, sure, it served the show’s ultimate purpose, but it overshadowed some of the other intriguing occurrences.

For example, the plotline of Marshall and Lily having a baby (also known as a “greatest middle name of all time” nominee, Marvin “Waitforit” Erickson) and Barney getting engaged were all just footnotes in the search to get to The Mother of all “HIMYM” answers.

And now, at the start of a fresh season, we get an episode with more footnotes:

“Lily and Marshall are soooo tired that they’re basically under-the-sea zombies! Hilarious, right?” [Don’t care, get to the Mother.]

“How about Ted sitting at a train station in the future where we see a woman with a yellow umbrella who could maybe, possibly be the Mother?” [Blank stare.]

See what I mean?

The explanation Victoria’s runaway groom, Klaus, gave to Ted on how Victoria is “almost the thing you want but not quite” was fitting. It was a great moment, but it’s also pretty much what “HIMYM” is right now. It’s “almost the thing you want but not quite.”

Yet, I still hold hope that we’ll find that “lifelong treasure of destiny” sooner rather than later.

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