Pippa Middleton Completes 56-Mile Ski Race in Sweden

Pippa Middleton is one hot snow bunny!

Kate Middleton‘s younger sister, 28, and brother James, 23, joined more than 15,000 other competitors Sunday in Sweden to ski 56-miles cross-country for charity.

Raising funds for their chosen charity Magic Breakfast — which provides meals for poverty-stricken U.K. schoolchildren — the Middleton siblings made their way through the village of Salen near the Norwegian border to the finish line in Mora, Sweden.

Placing 412th in the women’s division, Pippa skied the course in just over 7 hours and 13 minutes, while her brother skied a bit faster to finish in 6 hours and 47 minutes.

“It was incredible and it was faster than I thought I would manage,” the Swedish-language Aftonbladet news outlet quotes Pippa as saying. “Now I’m going to rest and put my feet up.”

The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister told local news outlet SVT she had only prepared for the race — based on Gustav Vasa’s 1522 attempt to gather peasants to revolt against occupying Danes — for “a couple of weekends.”


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