Jim Carrey’s Daughter Gets The Boot From ‘Idol’

The “American Idol” judges had praise for Jane Carrey when they voted to send her on to Hollywood week, but it looks like Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler have held firm to their statement that the daughter of actor Jim Carrey wasn’t going to get special treatment.

Us Weekly reports that the 24-year-old gave a “shaky” performance of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Looking Out My Back Door,” and that Jane knew even before she was done singing that she wasn’t going to become the next “Idol.”

“I freaked out when I was [up] there so I was really, really shaky,” Jane said of her flubbed rendition. “I know I can do way better than that, so I’m really disappointed.”

Jane also placed a call to her dad, who’s gushed to CNN about his daughter’s talent, to ease the disappointment.

“I talked to my dad and he was kind of comforting,” Jane said. The 50-year-old actor told her, “‘I’ve been said no to a bunch of times,'” Jane said, “and it worked out for him. So hopefully I have a shot.”

Many were surprised that the judges had given the go-ahead to Jane when she auditioned in San Diego, but judge Jennifer Lopez told us that she really was impressed with the singer-songwriter’s vocals.

“To [reject] her because of who her dad is would not be fair either,” Lopez said. “She sang well and we put her through to the next round, period. That’s how it goes. If she wasn’t [good], we would have had to say very sadly, ‘No, and say “Hi” to your dad for me.’ But that wasn’t the case, she earned her way to the next step.”

Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it any further. What do you think – was it time for Jane Carrey to go?


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