New ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Arrives

Between the spots that aired during the Super Bowl and today’s fresh clip for “The Amazing Spider-Man,” it’s beginning to feel a lot like trailer season.

The new clip for Marc Webb‘s take on the comic book hero begins with Gwen Stacy (a blonde Emma Stone) asking Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker how he got outside of her window. He tells her the fire escape – but “it’s 20 stories,” she replies. “The doorman’s intimidating,” he fires back.

We’re liking this take on Spidey, which Webb told fans during Sony’s roll-out of the clip Monday evening is a “more realistic, more naturalistic Peter Parker,” according to Comics Alliance.

Spider-Man drops another quip on a car thief nearly a minute in – “You seriously think I’m a cop, in a skin-tight red and blue suit?” – after telling him that if he’s going to steal cars, he should at least pick a less obvious wardrobe.

We still get plenty of swinging action, and best of all, we also get a peek at Ryhs Ifans’ Dr. Connors‘ Lizard side. As Connors was a friend of Peter Parker’s deceased father, this is a villain who has a more “complex and emotional relationship” with Peter Parker, Ifans told fans Monday.

Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” swings into theaters July 3.


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