Honda’s Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Ad Hits Web

The mystery behind Matthew Broderick‘s Ferris Bueller Super Bowl ad was short-lived, as Honda has released the extended commercial.

Although the teaser clip that circulated last week told viewers they’d have to wait until Sunday to see what Broderick was up to, we should know by now that the Internet waits for no official release date.

Broderick, 49, plays himself in the clip, but with plenty of “Bueller” references. (Such as the hotel’s parking attendant saying in a Ben Stein-esque deadpan, “Broderick?…Broderick?”)

After calling in sick, Broderick takes off in the 2012 Honda CR-V (instead of Cameron’s dad’s 1961 Ferrari) for a day on the town, hitting up the beach, a parade and the Natural History museum as Yello’s “Oh Yeah” plays in the background.

Honda explains in the clip’s description on YouTube that they “hid over two dozen references to the movie throughout the commercial. Some are obvious, some are VERY subtle. See how many you can find.”


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