Alicia Silverstone Ties With Mariah For Worst Celeb Baby Name

According to a poll, Alicia Silverstone’s little boy is among the celebrity babies saddled with the worst names in Hollywood.

The L.A. Times reports that the poll, based on votes from 10,000 users, ranks Silverstone’s choice as the worst boy’s name of 2011. Her tot’s wacky moniker? Bear Blu Jarecki.

Alicia has said that her mother-in-law is behind the non-traditional name. “She suggested Bear or Blu,” the actress told Us Magazine. “I loved them both.”

But Silverstone wasn’t alone with her worst name award. Mariah Carey’s twins with husband Nick Cannon landed on both the best and worst names lists – her son Moroccan Scott tied Bear Blu for worst boy’s name.

Moroccan may have gotten worst boy’s name, but Mariah’s daughter Monroe made the list of best baby names. Monroe was named for Marilyn, naturally.

The worst girl’s name, by the way, went to Zuzu Audrey Peterson, daughter of former “Top Chef Just Desserts” contestant Tania Peterson.

Other parents who didn’t choose well include Kevin James, who named his son Kannon with a “K,” and Bryan Adams, who dubbed his daughter Mirabella Bunny.

As evidenced by the surging popularity of names like Mason and Isabella, Hollywood definitely has an influence on what parents name their new arrivals.

Would you choose any of the names from this year’s list?


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