Musician Claims Credit For Starting Bon Jovi Death Hoax

A Pennsylvania man claims he’s the reason the Interwebs thought Jon Bon Jovi had died last week.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, musician Jeffrey Goho says in an interview with New Jersey’s Asbury Park Press that it was a tweet he sent from his friend’s account that launched the widespread Web concern that Bon Jovi had passed on.

(The interview doesn’t mention the blog item, which appears to have since been removed, that asserted details for the purported death of the 49-year-old rocker.)

Goho says he started the rumor because he was frustrated that Bon Jovi didn’t seem to be focusing his time on music.

“All I heard was ‘Bon Jovi this,’ ‘Bon Jovi’s starting a restaurant.’ What was the latest one? The Advil commercial? It was like, ‘Jeez, [Bon Jovi] was a household name due to music, not business,” Goho tells the Asbury Park Press.

Goho is in a band himself, and he says that he got so worked up during a conversation with fellow band members about the state of the music industry, he says, “I just kind of took the liberty and started [the rumor], because I was so irritated.”

The rumor spread widely on December 19, and Bon Jovi ended up providing photographic evidence that he was alive and well, joking with a handwritten sign that “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey.”

“Ultimately,” Goho says, “I realized that his endeavors, his business endeavors, have actually made the tri-state area prosper, hence more musicians having more available places to go, more people to play to, and I was quite wrong.”

It seems he’s also experiencing some backlash from those who say he was seeking attention for his own band.

“It wasn’t initially the case. Now, I’m not going to lie, either, I’ve also gotten some fans out of this,” Goho says. “None of this was expected, so I’m not going to sit here and complain about it…but it wasn’t my initial intention. I never really thought it would get out of the state of Pennsylvania.”


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