Taylor Swift’s CoverGirl Ad Pulled

We never thought Taylor Swift could be controversial, but according to E! News, the singer’s ultra-glossy CoverGirl NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara ad has been yanked after it caught the attention of an ad industry watchdog group.

The offense? Excessive Photoshopping.

Procter & Gamble voluntarily pulled Taylor’s mascara print spot when it was flagged by the industry’s self-regulatory group, The National Advertising Division.

NAD was pleased with P&G’s response, and issued a statement saying “it has determined that the Procter & Gamble Company acted properly in discontinuing superior performance claims made in print advertising by the company for its CoverGirl NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara.”

The group had questioned P&G about claims that the mascara, as shown in the ad, has two times more volume vs. bare lashes and is 20 percent lighter than the most expensive mascara.

Additionally, NAD didn’t appreciate the ad’s “implied messages” that buyers “would get lashes like those depicted in the advertisement and that the lashes depicted in the photograph were achieved solely by using [the mascara]…without post-production enhancement.”

P&G/CoverGirl rep Brent Miller explains the pull to CNN: “Our scientists work very closely with our advertising teams to ensure that benefits are accurately portrayed, and P&G’s policy is to feature visuals and claims that accurately reflect these benefits. As soon as we were aware that the NAD had concerns, we voluntarily discontinued the advertising – a move that the NAD itself regarded as entirely proper.”


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