Lindsay Lohan’s Sobriety Coach is… Courtney Love?

Is Courtney Love the answer to Lindsay Lohan’s problems?

The Hole frontwoman thinks so.

Love, who says she’s been sober since 2007, has stepped in to mentor Lohan “because nobody else will,” the Daily Mail reports she told Details.

“She’s further down the line than I was, because there was no TMZ then,” Love added.

Earlier this year, the 47-year-old told The Fix that she’s helped Lohan through legal battles in the past, adding, it’s not uncommon for troubled celebrities to look to her for advice.

“It wasn’t that long ago when Kim Stewart was screaming, ‘Courtney, what are we going to do? Kelly Osbourne is blue on the floor!’ she said. “For some reason, Kim Stewart also called me when Paris Hilton got pulled over for her last DUI. … What am I, a junkie Auntie Mame?”

Love might be hoping to boost her image as Lohan’s mentor.

“I’ve been maligned as this drug freak for years, and I’m getting tired of it,” Love reportedly said. “That’s not the way I live anymore. Obviously I’ve had a lot of issues, but that was years ago! Since then, I’ve worked really hard to get myself together, but for some reason I’ve remained a punch line.”

A hopeful plea from the woman who flashed a crowd at the SWU Music & Arts Festival in São Paulo, Brazil, earlier this month.


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