Cher and Nicki Minaj Fans Clash on Twitter

A misunderstanding led to a Twitter war between Cher and Nicki Minaj fans.

It all started when one of Cher’s fans alerted her to a perceived insult in the lyrics to Minaj’s song “Did It On ‘Em.”

The line goes, “If you could turn back time, Cher/ You used to be here but now you gone, Nair.”

@cher did you know that bitch @NICKIMINAJ dissed you in her song DID IT ON EM,” asked one angered fan of the Oscar winning musician-actress.

Cher retweeted the question with the comment, “Ive seen lots of people come & go! No biggie!”

Minaj’s online army, led by her friend and associate Scaff Beezy, then flooded Cher with outrage.

Beezy tweeted, “yo @cher listen to the words b4 you say dumb sh*t on twitter… do you know what a rap metaphor is??? TM is a cult you dont want it with!!”

Having realized that Minaj meant no ill with her lyrics, Cher quickly apologized and deleted her tweet, writing, “U R right! Someone said I was dissed..I’ve been dissed b4, but instead of finding out… I just got defensive! I should know better! Dumb.”

But her self-deprecatory mea culpa didn’t placate irate Minaj fans, including Beezy, who continued to slam Cher.

Eventually, Cher wrote, “Gimme a fkn break! Said i was dumb!”

Minaj, for her part, mostly stayed out of the fray, only tweeting, “@Cher #stopit5.”


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