Michelle Williams Didn’t Always Feel “Sexy” Playing Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe can without a doubt be considered one of Hollywood’s sex symbols, but Michelle Williams claims portraying the sultry late star doesn’t seem to have long-lasting effects.

On Monday’s Piers Morgan Tonight, the host asked the actress, who stars in My Week with Marilyn, if the role has made her feel totally sexy.

“Honestly, no. When all that comes off — the hair, the wig, the costume — there’s a strange in-between person underneath,” she explained. “You know, maybe in those moments like in the bathtub or at the scene with the school boys, but not in everyday life.”

As a young Monroe, the 31-year-old star had to squeeze her curves into very, very tight clothes — and the result, according to costar Kenneth Branagh, was otherworldly.

“Seeing Michelle walk the first time was quite fun because it looked like she was like a sort of floating on air, she was like a hovercraft,” Branagh, 50, told Us Weekly at Sunday’s NYC premiere of the film, hosted by Quintessentially. “Her knees seemed to be welded together in this dress that simply didn’t allow a human being to put one foot in front of the other, and so it seemed like she started levitating.”


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