Lily Collins Auditioned for Kristen Stewart’s Snow White Role

Lily Collins was destined to play a fairytale princess, regardless of the role.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, the Mirror, Mirror star reveals she originally auditioned for Kristen Stewart‘s part in Snow White and the Huntsman (costarring Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth).

“I did read the other Snow White script,” Collins, 22, admits. “I auditioned for it, but I’ve been so excited for Kristen. I think that story is so different than ours and the girls are so different. She’s perfect for her version.”

“I’m really excited to be doing this one,” she adds. “I think they have totally different audiences.”

Though 21-year-old Stewart’s spin on the classic fairytale will feature a handful of battle scenes, Collins promises Mirror, Mirror has its fair share of fights, too.

“This was insane training,” she says. “I’ve been fight training and fencing for about three months now. I was kickboxing, doing some stuff on wires. It’s been really intense.”

Collins adds that working it was a dream come true to share the screen with Julia Roberts, who plays the Evil Queen in Mirror, Mirror.

“She’s got that same ‘America’s Sweetheart’ smile and laugh, but it’s so evil,” she tells Access Hollywood of the Oscar winner. “She was so gracious on and off set. We had a great time.”

Mirror, Mirror hits theaters on March 16.


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