‘SNL’ Satan Skit Skewers Ashton, Penn State Protesters

Jason Sudeikis burned Penn State protesters and Twitter-happy Ashton Kutcher in a wicked-good “Saturday Night Live” sketch this weekend.

Sudeikis reprised his devil character for the Weekend Update with Seth Meyers to comment on the scandal at Penn State.

The devil announced he was “through the roof happy” regarding what he thought was a recruiting scandal, noting he got his news from Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter feed.

After Meyers explained scandal is actually about child sex abuse, Sudeikis acted surprised. “I’m the prince of darkness, but I’m not a monster! This is awful,” the Devil said. “I’m sorry about my reaction, but this is the first I’ve heard of it.”

Then Sudeikis went after the Penn State students who protested the firing of head football coach Joe Paterno. (Amid news that former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky had allegedly molested children, Paterno was fired for failing to report his knowledge of at least one alleged incident to the police.)

Penn State students protested Paterno’s firing by rioting on campus and flipping over a news van.

“Guys, what are you doing?” Satan asked of the misguided protesters. “I know you like JoePa, but you gotta get out of the way on this one. Do you know how bad that made you look? There were cameras there. Those pictures go online and live forever. That’s why I created the internet.”


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