Scarlett Johansson: Nude Pics Were For Ryan

Scarlett Johansson addresses her nude photo leak in the December issue of Vanity Fair, revealing that the sexy pictures were meant for her ex-husband, Ryan Reynolds.

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“I know my best angles,” she tells the magazine of the sultry cell phone pictures that leaked online in September.

The starlet explains that the photos “were sent to my ex husband,” referring to Ryan Reynolds. (The actors were married from 2008 but split up last December.) “There’s nothing wrong with that,” Scarlett adds of taking nude photos. “It’s not like I was shooting a porno. Although there’s nothing wrong with that either.”

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Johansson, 26, also opened up to Vanity Fair about her divorce, recalling the tough period after she and Reynolds split. “I didn’t really know what to do with myself. It was such a strange time,” Scarlett says. “There was nothing that was interesting to me. I had a very public separation. It was difficult. I felt very uncomfortable.”

Scarlett remarks on the nature of modern celebrity, saying, “There’s no such thing as an aura of mystery anymore. It doesn’t exist. That’s a thing of the past.”

The actress adds to the magazine that she’d like a less exposed sort of life in the future. “I would like to direct,” she says. “I’d be happy to work behind the camera, forever.”


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