Justin Bieber On His Christmas Album, Selena Gomez

Thanksgiving hasn’t rolled around yet, but Justin Bieber is ready to get you in the holiday mood.

The teen singer’s Christmas album, “Under the Mistletoe,” releases Tuesday, and he told CNN that it won’t be your typical compilation of “Jingle Bells” renditions.

“It’s got a lot of original songs that people have never heard before,” Biebs said, “so it’s going to be a really special Christmas album.” Better yet, a portion of the proceeds from each album will go to charity.

“That’s the reason I’m in this position – I’m able to give back,” he says. “There are a lot of kids out there who need help and need food and need schooling, and Pencils of Promises is a charity that I work with that gives to schools in Third World countries. It’s just really special to me.”

Someone else holding a special place in Bieber’s heart is of course his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. He won’t talk much about that date night at the Staples Center that he arranged for her, but he will tell you to keep it moving if you express interest in his other half.

While visiting Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, there was one kid who said “he looks up to me and my music and then he really loves Selena Gomez and he wants to be her boyfriend,” Bieber recalls. “So, I told him to back off.”

The 17-year-old says that despite his hectic schedule, he’s “still able to experience being young and having a normal life. Although people think that it’s super crazy, behind the scenes I still have my friends [and] I still have a team,” Bieber explains. “I think that’s what’s keeping me sane and humble – just being able to have that connection with friends and family.”


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