Mark Wahlberg Opens Wahlburgers Restaurant!

Now you can get an even juicier Wahlberg fix — at Wahlburgers! On Monday night in Hingham, Massachusetts, actor and producer Mark Wahlberg, 40, unveiled his new burger joint with older brothers Paul and Donnie, 42.

With Paul wearing the chef hat, the grand opening was a family affair as the brothers’ invited mom Alma Elaine to join them on the red carpet. The restaurant’s menu offers hamburgers with Paul’s secret sauce, white bean and prosciutto soup, and Italian cold cut sandwiches (among other items).

The Wahlberg brothers faced a small battle in landing their desired name for the restaurant; “Wahlbergers” was previously the name of a fast food chain in upstate New York, where the burgers sold for $4.49.

Now that The Fighter star and his brothers are manning the meats, the burgers are just a few dollars more. The Wahlburgers’ menu promises that dining in their restaurant will feel like a meal at the Wahlbergs’.

For $6.25, would you eat a 5 oz. burger with the “Wahl sauce and government cheese?”


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