Shia LaBeouf Involved In Vancouver Bar Brawl?

Shia LaBeouf may have taken a bruising outside a Vancouver bar last week. According to local news reports, the actor got into a bar brawl which ended with a fist to his noggin.

The alleged altercation was filmed by TMZ, and video shows a man who appears to be Shia on the sidewalk being pummeled by a shirtless fellow.

After the gentleman who appears to be 25-year-old LaBeouf sustains a punch to the head, he tries to chase after his unidentified fighting partner, but others – presumably some friends – hold him back. “You gotta lay low right now,” a pal appears to counsel.

The “Transformers” star is in Vancouver filming “The Company You Keep,” and according to local radio station News1130, both LaBeouf and his alleged assailant were kicked out of downtown bar Cinema Public House by security, which is how the reported incident ended up outside.

“It’s not exactly clear what provoked the attack but LaBeouf threw down with another man inside the Cinema Public House,” reads the report from News1130. “Security kicked both parties out and that’s when the other man tore his shirt off and started beating the actor.”

The 25-year-old seems to be getting a bit of a reputation for bar fighting. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Shia was handcuffed after a fight outside Mad Bull’s Tavern in Sherman Oaks, California in February.

The way the incident was described by Mad Bull employee Sammy Cutler sounds familiar: “There was an exchange of words [with another man] and Shia got punched in the face.”


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