Sony Pictures Aims For Rights To Steve Jobs Bio

Walter Isaacson‘s biography of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs hasn’t been released yet, but Sony Pictures is already trying to turn the text into a feature film.

According to Deadline, the studio is haggling to obtain rights to the 656 page tome, with the deal being “$1 million against $3 million.”

Isaacson’s written the first bio of Jobs that had his cooperation, and he conducted more than 40 interviews with the former Apple CEO as well as more than 100 talks with his friends, family and colleagues. He’s previously penned biographies of Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin.

Sony Pictures, which adapted movies such as “The Social Network” and “Moneyball” from their original books, declined to comment.

Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs” was already highly anticipated, and the book’s publisher Simon & Schuster pushed up the biography’s release date from November 21 to October 24 following Jobs’ death last Wednesday.

The publishing house has promised “a riveting story of the roller-coaster life and searingly intense personality of a creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing and digital publishing.”


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