Courtney Love: I’d Kill Kurt if He Came Back From The Dead

If Kurt Cobain could come back from the dead, it sounds like he wouldn’t be alive for long.

Courtney Love tells Vanity Fair in the magazine’s November issue that she’d kill him if she were to ever lay eyes on him again.

“If he came back right now, I’d have to kill him for what he did to us. I’d f-–ng kill him,” she says. Actually, scratch that: “I’d f– him, then I’d kill him.” A woman has to have her priorities.

But yes, Love says, she’s angry that her legendary husband committed suicide in 1994.

“He tried to kill himself three times! He O.D.’ed at least five times. I was the f—ng E.M.S.,” she says, adding that she carted around a drug used to revive heroin users after an overdose.

However, it seems as though one should take Love’s statements with a grain of salt. At least, that seems to be the case with her remarks about her estranged daughter, Frances Bean. Love alleges in the interview that her daughter was teased as a child and called “crack baby,” and that she had aspirations to be an actress with a show akin to Nickelodeons “Zoey 101.”

Yet a lawyer for Bean denies Love’s claims to the magazine, calling them inaccurate.

VF relays that when Love isn’t talking about her daughter, she’s consumed with what she refers to as “the fraud,” and the 47-year-old singer was hopeful that VF contributing editor Nancy Jo Sales could help her get to the bottom of it. She says that more than $250 million of Nirvana money belonging to her is missing.

Her manager, though, tells Vanity Fair that he finds her focus on “the fraud” to be “heartbreaking.”

“She’s very capable of earning seven figures easy without any help from Nirvana right now,” he says, “but it’s hard for her to work or for others to want to work with her when she’s so consumed with fraud.”


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