Clint Eastwood in Talks To Star In Baseball Flick

Oscar-winning director Clint Eastwood is returning to his roots, according to Entertainment Weekly. Look out, Brad Pitt – the 81-year-old actor is reportedly in talks to star in an upcoming baseball drama.

We can thank Beyonce’s unborn baby for Clint’s potential new role. According to Deadline, her pregnancy forced Eastwood to postpone directing his remake of “A Star is Born,” in which Beyonce’s been cast.

With some extra time on his hands, sources tell reporters that the Hollywood legend is circling the movie “Trouble With the Curve,” in which he’d play an old baseball scout who convinces his daughter to go on the road with him.

Eastwood last graced the silver screen in 2008 hit “Gran Torino,” which earned $148 million at the box office.

“When I did ‘Million Dollar Baby’ I thought, ‘Well, this would be a nice one to quit on,’ and then ‘Gran Torino’ came along,”. “They’re not writing a lot of really great material for guys my age. In lieu of that, I would just prefer to stay behind the camera. But if a great role came along, yeah, I would do that. But actors are like boxers — they stay too long sometimes.”

The Eastwood-directed “J. Edgar,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, hits theaters on November 9.


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