‘Twilight’s’ Jackson Rathbone Lands Facebook Series

The “Twilight Saga” isn’t going to last forever, and on-screen vamp Jackson Rathbone‘s got another project lined up: Warner Bros. Digital Distrbution’s “social series,” “Aim High.”

Rathbone stars as high school junior Nick Green, a kid who battles your typical school drama by day and international spies by night – he’s one of the country’s 64 “highly-trained” government agents.

This wouldn’t be a series about high school if there wasn’t a love interest. “Friday Night Lights’Aimee Teegarden plays Amanda, the “wickedly cool rocker chick,” as the Facebook page for “Aim High” describes her, who’s caught Nick’s eye.

The studio is touting this “social series” as the first of its kind from a Hollywood studio. “Aim High” will bow on Facebook, and viewers can integrate themselves into the series by “choosing to watch ‘Aim High’ in a personalized viewing mode through the show’s Facebook page,” a statement explains.

If you’re one of the people enticed by the thought of seeing your photo show up in a scene on a class election poster or your name as graffiti on a bathroom wall, “Aim High” premieres on Facebook October 18.

Warner Bros. is owned by the parent company of CNN.


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