Less Olivia Wilde this season on ‘House’

Get ready to see a lot less of Olivia Wilde on “House.”

The actress, whose big screen career has exploded lately (“Tron: Legacy,” “Cowboys and Aliens“), “will be in very few episodes this year,” “House” creator/executive producer David Shore told reporters on a conference call last Monday.

“Very, very few episodes… not because of particular creative reasons on our part but because she’s got a very thriving movie career and has asked us to allow her to do that,” Shore said. “We had a great association with her and we do have an episode planned which is kind of the goodbye episode – Not just planned, we’ve got it shot. I think it’s very nice.”

To fill the void of Wilde’s character “Thirteen” and another character who won’t be returning, Lisa Edelstein‘s Cuddy, new cast members Odette Annable and Charlyne Yi were announced last month.

The new season, starting on Monday, finds Dr. House in prison, months after driving his car into Cuddy’s (Edelstein) house in the finale. Shore said that the fact House served time doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be a changed man once he returns to the hospital in the October 10 episode.

House first encounters Annable’s character, a prison doctor, while behind bars.


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