Alice Cooper: ‘Lady Gaga is the female Alice Cooper’

Outlandish rocker Alice Cooper thinks Lady Gaga “totally gets it,” reports says. Why? Because she’s just like him!

Lady Gaga is the female Alice Cooper,” the 63-year old said of the uber-popular pop star.

Born Vincent Furnier, Cooper reveals that he and Gaga (née Stefani Germanotta) are nothing like their invented stage personas.

Cooper is famous for injecting his theatrical rock shows with dangerous elements like guillotines and boa constrictors. Gaga is similarly wacky, incorporating props like giant eggs and donning costumes of raw meat.

“She created a character named Lady Gaga and wrote songs for Lady Gaga, just as I write songs for Alice,” he said. “But when you meet her offstage, she’s nothing like that person… and neither am I.”

Offstage, Cooper ditches the goth gear for golf attire, preferring to spend his free time teeing off. (He even wrote a book on the sport called “Alice Cooper, Golf Monster.”)

Gaga has been spotted indulging in some “normal” hobbies as well. The pop singer was snapped surfing in Mexico recently.

Alice Cooper’s new album “Welcome 2 My Nightmare” will be released on September 13.


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