Robert Redford Celebrates 75th Birthday

Robert Redford, one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors, turns 75 today, with over four decades in the business under his belt.

Admirably, Redford has used his wealth and fame to work for environmental causes and promote independent film, starting the revered Sundance Film Festival in 1978.

The Sundance Film Festival caters to independent filmmakers in the United States and has received recognition from the industry as a place to open films.

He made his first foray into directing with 1980’s “Ordinary People,” which garnered a best-picture Oscar for the film, reports msnbc.

Adapted from Judith Guest’s novel, “Ordinary People” recounted the story of an emotionally stunted family, with Mary Tyler Moore and Donald Sutherland among the cast.

The star also took on directing duties for 1992 film “A River Runs Through It,” which starred Brad Pitt.

The veteran actor, who starred alongside fellow Hollywood stalwart Paul Newman in 1973’s “The Sting,” has also received a lifetime achievement Oscar, msnbc reports.

Redford first came to prominence after starring alongside longtime friend Newman in 1968 classic “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” in which he played the legendary outlaw.

The name “Sundance” was borrowed from the film’s title when Redford later founded the Sundance Film Festival, according to Wikipedia.

He went on to star in The Way We Were (1973), The Great Gatsby (1974), and 1985’s “Out Of Africa,” which was adapted from Karen Blixen’s bestselling novel.

Commenting on his craft, Redford has said, “Get emotionally connected to your story so you can deliver it, you know.”

“If you can’t deliver the emotions to your script there’s no point to your story. Story is the key,” he said, Esquire reports.

Robert Redford: Unpublished Photos CLICK HERE


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