Mila Kunis: If you’re not losing weight, you must not want to

As we know full well by now, Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman worked their tails off to get into ballerina shape for last year’s “Black Swan.”

And after pushing herself to drop 20 pounds for the role, Kunis tells Glamour U.K. that it’s changed her outlook on the battle of the bulge – if you’re not slimming down, you’re not trying hard enough, she says.

“I don’t think I ever fully realized what a human body is capable of doing,” she says. “But I think I was also, in a beautiful way, incredibly naïve. I believed I could do anything. I never for one moment thought I couldn’t do it. I believe in hard work. In self-drive and self-worth.”

Don’t get her wrong – she’s a “huge foodie,” she says, adding that she “loves food.”

“But when people say ‘I can’t lose weight,’ no, no, no, you can,” Kunis emphasizes. “Your body can do everything and anything, you just have to want to do it.”

But regardless of where you are with your fitness aspirations, it’s essential to maintain a clear-headed outlook, Kunis says, which is one thing she’s learned to cultivate after working in Hollywood for so long.

“I’m in an industry based on rejection. On negativity and let-downs,” says Kunis, who turns 28 on August 14. “People are rejected every single day purely based on opinion, about who’s a good actress, who’s a bad actress, who’s pretty, who’s ugly, who’s fat, who’s skinny. So why go there? You have to have a positive outlook. Otherwise you’re in a very dark place.


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