Could Matt Damon Run For President?

Matt Damon is clearly one actor who’s not afraid of a good political debate, but could he run for president?

Filmmaker Michael Moore doesn’t really see why he couldn’t. While participating in a virtual town hall hosted by Firedoglake over the weekend, Moore proposed the Oscar winner as an option for a third party candidate.

Now, Moore hasn’t spoken to Damon about his idea, but he does “think that [Matt Damon] has been very courageous in not caring about who he offends by saying the things that need to be said here,” Moore said.

“And if you want to win,” he continued, “the Republicans have certainly shown the way — that when you run someone who is popular, you win. Sometimes even when you run an actor, you win. I guess I only throw his name out there because I’d like us to start thinking that way. I don’t really want to spend a lot of time running symbolic campaigns.”

After speaking further on his perception that the Democrat and Republican parties are both very weak at the moment, and that he sees an opportunity for a group of people to come together and form a “new Democrat party,” Moore explained why he tossed out the idea of Damon as a potential contender.

“Listen I throw these ideas out there, because I recognize the country I live in. Living in Michigan now, the main topic of conversation this week was the last episode of the ‘Bachelorette,’ and why did Ashley pick J.P. over Ben. That’s the country I live in, and they all vote. And I’d like to communicate with them,” the “Bowling for Columbine” writer/director said.

“I know that they’re upset. And I know they don’t like these wars and they’re desperate for jobs. Living in Michigan, we’re living in a depression right now,” he went on. “There really couldn’t be a better time to organize, to run a viable candidate. And to really say the Democratic party has not served us well, so we’re going to Democrats 2.0. We’re bringing it into the 21st century, we’re going to be called the New Democrats, or the Roosevelts, or the whatever you come up with, and we’re going to run people who are going to win.”


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