Ashton Kutcher Talks Tech, ‘Two and a Half Men’

Ashton Kutcher is not only an actor – and Charlie Sheen’s replacement on “Two and a Half Men” – but he’s also turned into a tech guru and businessman.

Kutcher, 33, covers the September issue of Details, and gives his two cents on social media scandals, Twitter popularity and filling Sheen’s sitcom shoes.

The actor once had the most popular Twitter account in the world, and still enjoys sharing his life with seven million followers. “I think privacy is valuable,” he says. “But at the end of the day, if you’re not doing anything wrong you don’t have anything to hide.”

Because, the way he sees it, there shouldn’t be a difference between one’s online life and one’s real life. “I think technology is just mapping and organizing what already exists. If you’re an asshole offline, you’re probably an asshole online.”

And what of those “leaked photo” scandals that sometimes turn out not to be leaked images at all? (*Cough*, Anthony Weiner, *cough.*)

“I think as more people realize that you’re not invisible just because you’re behind a monitor, the less that kind of thing will happen,” he muses. “You’re in the openness of the Internet. You have to check your moral compass every time you do something. But I also think there’s some blatantly intrusive stuff people are doing. I’m not particularly a fan of Sarah Palin, but perusing all of her e-mails because we can? I think that’s bullsh*t. Not to say that Weiner should have been sending pictures of his d- around.”

But for all that he’s doing with tech, Kutcher is primarily an actor, and is reportedly doing very well on the set of “Two and a Half Men.”

He couldn’t reveal much about his character – “It’s somewhere between an alien and Jesus Christ,” Kutcher tells Details – but he does open up a bit more about his communication with Charlie Sheen.

“I don’t know him. I’ve never met him in my life,” Kutcher admits. “But, you know, he sent me congratulations and wished me well. Via Twitter.”

Ashton Kutcher guest-edited an exclusive online-only issue of Details. Find it on Facebook, Flipboard, Twitter, and Tumblr on August 16th.


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