Would You Dress Your Baby Like Lady Gaga?

Whether teetering on 10-inch platforms or draped in raw meat, Lady Gaga knows how to excite the fashion world – and for a moment, it looked like she was bringing her style to the next generation.

On her “Jimmy Kimmel” appearance, the Mother Monster made a video spoof to promote a clothing line for babies called “Gaga Goo Goo,” set to her hit “Born This Way.”

Considering how seriously Gaga takes her fashion, the promo was hilariously lighthearted. The baby models giggled, and one even played with the salami accessory to go with the infamous meat dress.

The Alexander McQueen platforms seemed slightly shorter, but overall, Gaga’s looks translated well to the toddler sizes, complete with wigs, make-up and an obvious attitude.

The proposed line might be a little dramatic, but in light of the turnout from a contest for babies dressed like Gaga, the demand is there. The adorable submissions featured everything from cigarette-turned-crayon sunglasses to Gaga’s onesie-like ensemble manifesting as – well, a onesie.

What do you think of the outfits? Are the costumes ridiculous or is she on to something?


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