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Beyonce Shatters Twitter Record with Big Pregnancy Reveal

Outside L.A.’s Nokia Theater at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, Beyonce broke the major news to insiders that she’s expecting her first child with husband Jay-Z.

But it wasn’t until she hit the stage later that night when the rest of the world was let in on the news.

Moments after finishing her incredible “Love on Top” performance, the star, 29, ripped open her purple sequined D&G blazer to reveal her baby bump, which in turn shattered Twitter’s record of the highest number of sent tweets per second.

“Last night at 10:35pm ET, Beyonce’s big MTV #VMA moment gave Twitter a record bump: 8,868 Tweets per second,” the company’s official handle @TwitterGlobalPR tweeted on Monday.

The mass amount of 140 character-long messages wasn’t the only way the Grammy-winning artist took over Twitter: “BEYONCE IS PREGNANT” turned into a huge Trending Topic and many fans changed their Twitter profile pic to photos of the songstress.

Twitter’s impressive stat comes as no surprise, since Sunday night’s VMAs had the highest ratings for the award show ever. The Los Angeles Times reported that according to Nielson Co., the audience was up 9 percent compared to last year’s VMAs: 12.4 million viewers tuned in, making it MTV’s most-watched telecast ever.

Who Is Jo Calderone?

When Lady Gaga spoke to MTV News about what her 2011 VMA performance might entail, she described it as a continuation of everything she’s ever done. Now that the world has finally seen her VMA performance of “You And I,” we now know what she meant. Lady Gaga opened the VMAs this year as Jo Calderone, her male alter ego.

We first met Jo Calderone when Lady Gaga posed for Vogue Hommes Japan in September of 2010. In the photo shoot, she sported a masculine white button down and men’s slacks. Her female-to-male transformation was really complete with the power of hair and makeup, or lack thereof — Jo Calderone sports a slicked back ’50s greaser hairdo with thick sideburns and dark, brooding eyes. He’s also usually smoking a cigarette. Many Little Monsters may have thought that Jo’s appearance in Vogue Hommes Japan was a one-time deal, but this is Lady Gaga we’re talking about, people — there’s a deeper meaning to everything that she does.

Jo Calderone didn’t show up again until we saw Lady Gaga’s single cover for “Yoü And I,” where he’s seen on the cover showing us his profile and exhaling smoke from his cigarette. When the “Yoü And I” video premiered, fans got their first true look at Gaga’s male alter ego in action, as Gaga appears as Jo during about a third of the video, seated on top of a piano while Lady Gaga plays beneath him.

Lady Gaga’s appearance at the 2011 VMAs as Jo Calderone marks the world’s fourth look at Gaga’s male alter ego, and once again, she has us all scratching our heads. Not only did Gaga carry out her VMA performance as Jo Calderone, but she didn’t break character the entire night. So we have to ask: Is Jo Calderone some kind of performance art, or is Lady Gaga actually becoming Jo Calderone? We don’t even know if Lady Gaga can answer that question.

Beyonce’s Big Baby News at the VMAs

Baby rumors began swirling when Beyonce appeared on the black carpet at MTV’s VMAs wearing a flowy red dress and holding her belly.

And guess what: The rumors are true.

The singer’s publicist confirms to CNN that Beyonce and husband Jay-Z are, in fact, expecting a child.

In June, Beyonce responded to pregnancy rumors, telling CNN’s Piers Morgan, “Only God knows” if a baby was in her future.

“I always said I’d have a baby at 30. I’m 29. But I also said I was going to retire at 30. I’m not retiring.”

Beyonce turns 30 on September 4.

“I feel like 30 is the ideal age, because you’re mature enough to know who you are and have your boundaries and your standards and not be afraid of too polite, but young enough to be a young woman,” she added. “I’m so looking forward to it.”

Beyonce and Jay-Z, who have been together since 2002, were married in 2008.

That’s going to be one talented kid. Congrats!

Check out the video here

The 2011 VMAs: Who Won, Who Lost?

Critical darlings, chart toppers and fan favorites dominated at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards!

While the VMAs isn’t a super serious affair (it’s definitely one of the wilder award shows), the competition is still extremely stiff. Some of the most biggest music stars are aligned together for one night where anything goes on stage (in addition to the awesome performances).

Who are the big acts who won, and which singers sat it out? We have the complete winner’s list!

Katy Perry, “Firework”

Lady Gaga, “Born This Way”

Tyler, The Creator, “Yonkers”

Justin Bieber, “U Smile”

Katy Perry featuring Kanye West, “E.T.”

Nicki Minaj, “Super Bass”

Foo Fighters, “Walk”

Britney Spears, “Till the World Ends”

Lady Gaga, “Born This Way”

Beyoncé, “Run the World (Girls)”

Katy Perry featuring Kanye West, “E.T.”

Adele, “Rolling in the Deep”

Adele, “Rolling in the Deep”

Adele, “Rolling in the Deep”

Lady Gaga as a Man?

Lady Gaga certainly got the crowd going (and gossiping, trust) when she took the stage dressed as her alter ego … a dude. While twitter started blowing up about her resemblance to Ralph Maccio, the actor of course became a trending topic immediately.

“I’m a trending topic right now thanks to @ladygaga on VMA’s! Respect.” Ralph tweeted.

Smoking a cigarette, wearing a suit and a mullet type wig, Gaga — who referred to herself in the third person as Joe Calderone while presenting to Britney Spears – belted out an amazing performance of You and I.

Performance aside, lots of people are talking about Gaga’s over-the-top schtick — especially since she continued it throughout the entire show. What did you think of it? Too much, or just Gaga being her unusual self?

Did Gaga’s stage persona push things a little too far?

Look Back t Outrageous VMA Outfits

The MTV Video Music Awards are coming tonight, Aug. 28, and we are expecting this year’s event to once again to be talked about for days, months, and years after the ceremony!

Aside from the awards themselves and the always entertaining musical performances, VMA fashion is always a hot-button topic, as the stars pull out some of their most adventurous wardrobes for the zany event. Which celebs will have us in awe this year with their wild fashion choices?

Over the past few years, the VMA buzz has been Gaga, Gaga, Gaga, after she grabbed the attention with her blood-soaked performance of “Paparazzi” in 2009, followed by last year’s sweeping of the awards for the iconic “Bad Romance” video, and, of course, her infamous meat dress. Gaga opens the show with a performance this year, and we are sure she will have us talking yet again.

There have been plenty of other VMA fashion moments that shocked us in recent years, from Cher‘s turning back time in a lacy getup at last year’s ceremony, to Britney Spears‘ comeback attempt in 2007. Check out the photo gallery for more entertaining ensembles from celebs like Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera and more!

Maroon 5’s Adam Levine Tells MTV: “F*** You!”

Bitter non-nominee or voice of the people?

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine won’t be attending Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards — and not just because his band isn’t up for any of the show’s many moonmen trophies.

“The VMAs [are the] one day a year when MTV pretends to still care about music,” The Voice mentor, 32, tweeted Saturday. “I’m drawing a line in the sand. F–k you, VMAs.”

MTV responded minutes later via Twitter, telling the “Moves Like Jagger” singer: “Soooo you’ll be tuning in at 9/8C tomorrow right? (BTW, bonus points if you TwitPic your 2004 Moonman!)”

Less than 30 minutes later, Levine — currently on tour with Train and Gavin DeGraw — said he has no qualms about making the bold statement on Twitter.

“Still waiting to have my ‘Jerry Maguire mission statement moment of deep regret,'” he wrote. “Not happening. Phew!”

Pitbull Responds To Lohan Lawsuit – With An Invite

Lindsay Lohan is suing Pitbull for using her name in the song “Give Me Everything,” and the rapper has responded in a surprising way – with an invitation to the VMAs!

Pitbull addresses the lawsuit in a video posted to his website, Planet Pit. In it, the star says he was “very surprised” to find out about the legal action being taken against him, which he first assumed was some type of joke. But interestingly, the rapper isn’t bitter. Pitbull tells the interviewer that he “supports” La Lohan’s career.

Pitbull also clarifies the lyrics to his song. He says the song goes, “Got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan” not “locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” The former would imply that she’s in control, while the latter would be referencing her jail stint.

Pitbull adds that the hit song would, if anything, “help someone’s career,” rather than hurt them. “We mention people’s names all the time,” he points out. The rapper also notes that he finds the lawsuit ironic, considering the “positive” nature of the song and his album.

Pitbull will be performing the song at the VMAs, and “extends an invitation” to Lindsay, saying “hopefully she can come with me… and we can figure this out.”

However, it doesn’t seem like Linds is taking the olive branch. A rep for Lohan tells CNN, “We’re not going to respond to this publicity stunt. You can quote me.”

The rapper may have anticipated Lindsay’s attitude. He says of the suit, “The next step is up to the attorneys, the judges, the courts.”

Gaga Top-Ranked Celeb On ‘Powerful Women’ List

Forbes’ latest “100 Most Powerful Women” list is out, and political heavy-hitters like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, First Lady Michelle Obama and Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, predictably scored top spots.

But the top of the list also includes Lady Gaga!

The controversial pop star is listed at No. 11, surpassing all the other celebrities on the list.

Gaga, 25, outranks even Oprah Winfrey (No. 14), coming in just above Jill Abramson, executive editor of the New York Times.

Queen Elizabeth is No. 49, just for context.

Other celebs on the list include Beyonce (No. 18), Angelina Jolie (No. 29), Ellen DeGeneres (No. 55), and Gisele Bündchen (No. 60).

Steve Jobs Resigns

Steve Jobs, who co-founded Apple (AAPL) in 1976, was ousted in 1985 and returned in 1996 to build it into the world’s most valuable technology company, resigned Wednesday as CEO. He will remain as chairman of the board.

Most Apple watchers had assumed when Jobs took an open-ended medical leave in January that he would not be coming back as a full-time chief executive. But that didn’t stop Wall Street from punishing the stock when the news broke. Having closed the day at $376.18, up $2.58 (0.69%), Apple fell nearly $20 (5.22%) in after-hours trading.

Jobs’ letter to the board and his fellow employees did not mention his health problems, but that was the clear subtext.

“I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know,” he wrote. “Unfortunately, that day has come.”

Ironically, Jobs has been feeling a bit better lately — good enough to make regular visits to the office.

But he spent most of the day closeted with his board of directors, and for reasons that are still not clear it was decided that the day had come to make the long-expected announcement.

The recommendation that Tim Cook be named CEO is just a formality. As chief operating officer, Cook has been running the company for some time. (See The Genius Behind Steve Jobs.) [Update: Apple has confirmed that Cook is the new CEO.]

Below: The full text of Steve Jobs’ letter of resignation.

August 24, 2011 – To the Apple Board of Directors and the Apple Community:

I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come.

I hereby resign as CEO of Apple. I would like to serve, if the Board sees fit, as Chairman of the Board, director and Apple employee.

As far as my successor goes, I strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name Tim Cook as CEO of Apple.

I believe Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it. And I look forward to watching and contributing to its success in a new role.

I have made some of the best friends of my life at Apple, and I thank you all for the many years of being able to work alongside you.

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