Forever 27 Club: Musicians Who’ve Passed at Age 27

It’s called the greatest myth of Rock n’ Roll, and upon hearing the tragic news that Amy Winehouse passed away at age 27, we can’t help but wonder if the curse of 27 is real. The curse has been labeled the Forever 27 Club, or Club 27, as over 34 musicians have died at this age — including Kurt Cobain (1994), Jim Morrison (1971), Jimi Hendrix (1970) and Janis Joplin (1970).

Amy is the most recent troubled singer to join this “club.” She was found dead in her North London home, just shy of her 28th birthday (which would have been on September 14) . In honor of these brilliant artists, we look back at their legacies that they managed to accomplish in 27 short years.

Amy Winehouse reportedly passed away of a drug overdose on Sunday, July 23. Tragically and ironically her most famous song was “Rehab.”

Kurt Cobain’s death was ruled as suicide by a shotgun on April 5, 1994.
Jimi Hendrix’s autopsy showed he asphyxiated on vomit after combining sleeping pills with wine. He died on
Sept. 18, 1970.
Janis Joplin is thought to have died on Oct. 4, 1970 of a heroine overdose.
Jim Morrison’s cause of death was deemed to be from heart trouble, though no autopsy was done. He passed on July 3, 1971.


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  1. Scott Malthus N.Y.

    Forever 27 Club, Coincidence or Fate?

  2. The greatest artists are always taken before their time.

  3. amy doesnt belong! she was hack and she doesnt deserve to be among the greatest who has left us before thier time

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