Tobey Maguire Gave Blessing For Andrew Garfield To Play ‘Spider-Man’

During the press conference for The Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield was asked if he talked to Tobey Maguire at all when taking the role.

“I love Tobey Maguire’s interpretation of the character,” Andrew told the small crowd. “It’s one of the things that rekindled and reminded me how much this character means to me. When I watched that first film, that first Spidey film, I lost my mind. I watched it back-to-back. I watched it twice in a row. I liked that story.”

So did Tobey say anything when the two came face to face a while ago?

“I had the wonderful fortune of meeting [Tobey] after we finished shooting, I didn’t seek him out, but he sent a very, very, very nice email I think once it was announced to [the producer] basically giving me his blessing. It meant the world to me because I respect him so much as an actor generally, and especially what he did with the role that I’m now assuming.”

First things first — anyone else love that Andrew calls them “Spidey” films? Pretty much everything he says in that accent is adorable, sure, but we think this is extra cute!

Very cool of Tobey to give his approval and pass the Spidey torch. Cannot wait to see A.Garf in this role!


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