Trailer Park: ‘Dream House,’ ‘Paranormal 3’

As promised, “Paranormal Activity 3” is gearing up for an October 21 release.

A trailer for the third installment of the spooky franchise is circulating, showing that this story, directed by “Catfish” helmers Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, will take viewers back in time to when “Paranormal” character Katie and her sister Kristi were kids. Watch at your own risk below:

And then there’s recently married couple Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig also play a wedded pair in their upcoming movie “Dream House,” a thriller about a family that may or may not be among the living.

The story follows Craig’s character Will Atenton, who moves with his wife (Weisz) and two young daughters into a New England home that turns out to be everything but their dream abode, as SlashFilm notes. After settling in they discover that a mother and her children had been murdered in their residence, and the neighbors are pinning the crime on the father and husband who survived.

As Will tries to figure out what exactly happened, the viewer begins to see his mind play tricks that add a twist to the storyline – are Will’s daughters and wife among the murdered or is Will just losing it? What’s up with that neighbor (Naomi Watts) who seems to know all about what happened? The trailer raises all of those questions, but we’ll have to wait until September 30 to find out.


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  1. I cant wait to see this with my girlfriend who hates scary movies. LOL Great post!

  2. I loved the first two movies. I just hope its as good with kids playing the parts of the sisters.

  3. I think itd be wonderful to create a third film however they really should genuinely concentrate on additional of the investigation that the characters do. Id prefer to see the next film follow Ali trying to come across her aunt and Hunter. OR they could do something that entails Ali’s stepmom’s unique husband… Like maybe he died primarily Alis stepmom killed him, when she was possessed…

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