Zach Galifianakis to Ke$ha: “Your music is really bad.”

If you placed bets that a “Hangover III” is going to happen, odds appear to be in your favor. Not only has Warner Bros. launched into early talks with the writer of “Part II,” but “Hangover” star Zach Galifianakis tells Rolling Stone that there’s indeed plenty of talk about a three-quel.

As speculated before, this movie would potentially drop the whole forgotten night scenario, and Galifianakis says the plot’s going to revolve around the Wolf Pack helping him escape from a mental hospital. “I’m getting fricking phone calls [about ‘Hangover III’] already,” he says in RS.

And it seems he’s taking those calls directly. According to Rolling Stone, the astronomical success of the “Hangover” franchise doesn’t mean Galifianakis has gone Hollywood: he’s still cruising around in his 1998 Subaru and staffs neither a publicist nor an assistant.

In fact, the comedian says he hasn’t taken well to his fame.

“I’m terrible about people wanting to take pictures with me,” he says. “I’m a giant baby about it. They treat you like a cartoon. There’s nothing you can do except make light of it. That’s if I’m in the mood. Sometimes I get superbummed.”

Perhaps looking back on how far he’s come would lift his spirits; snippets from the 41-year-old actor’s resume could be a comedy reel of its own. There was the time that Nike reached out to him for a gig after “The Hangover” hit it big, but Galifianakis opened his conference call with the company by asking, “‘So, do you guys still have 7-year-olds making your stuff?’” And what do you know: He didn’t get the job.

A decade ago he was trying to create a “Saturday Night Live” sketch that would appease a then teenaged Britney Spears. He’d written something about the pop star being interviewed by “Entertainment Tonight” when, for no reason, her mouth starts bleeding. Spears didn’t appreciate his effort.

“I remember staring at the ground for, like, 20 seconds, just silent,” he says. “42,000 open mics, and I’m trying to impress an 18-year-old pop star.” His “SNL” career lasted for two weeks.

And while he’s now in a much different place, Galifianakis still seems to have run-ins with teen pop singers. “I saw that Ke$ha woman the other day,” he says in his interview. “She was sitting by herself, and I walked up to her and said, ‘Listen, I got your e-mail. Your music is really bad! I don’t know who listens to it, but I imagine it’s, like, six-year-olds – and it’s a bad message.’”

Read the full interview with Zach Galifianakis when Rolling Stone hits newsstands on June 17.


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