Gaddafi the Rapper

We’re familiar with Colonel Gaddafi as flamboyant dictator with a soft spot for Bedouin tents, heavily armed female bodyguards and Ukrainian nurses.

For more than 40 years he’s maintained an iron-grip on Libya while also occupying a prominent position in the West’s international rogues’ gallery.

He’s accused the rioters who look certain to depose him of being on hallucinogenic drugs, but one Libyan diplomat was quoted as saying Gaddafi himself “takes a number of chemical products, and is lucid for only a few hours a day.”

He used to resort every two or three years to issuing a new currency, leading people to rush to exchange what money they had, which they kept in their homes because they did not trust the banks that were under his supervision, and which he would thus confiscate, giving them back a small fraction of its worth. One creative way to get rich, you could say.

Now the British government is moving to freeze all his assets which include billions of dollars in bank accounts, commercial property and a £10 million mansion in London.

So we thought it appropriate to introduce Gaddafi’s new post-dictator career, as a RAPPER. After all he said in a recent speech he’s not interested in ruling Libya anymore and all he ever wanted was to be a loved and respected constitutional monarch with no real power, like the Queen.


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